What the Onia app can do


Product Registration

Up to seven Onia lights can be registered and controlled.


The brightness is steplessly adjustable with the smartphone app.


Due to your individual biorhythm specially developed algorithms calculate the color that emotionally, cognitively and physically supports you precisely at this moment.

Color Selection

ONIACOLOR offers 196 color combinations, separated for both cubes.
COLORPICKER (Onia mini only) You can choose from 16 million colors.


Explanation and meaning of the Onia colors for adults and children.


In the Color Favourite mode, you can save your own personal colors.


The timer function turns off your Onia at the set time. You can wake up with the timer function in the morning (only Onia mini).


Shake your smartphone and Onia changes the colors quickly and randomly.

Sensor function

When touching the upper or lower cube with a pen or fingernail the light color changes (only Onia mini)

Manual Control Using the buttons on the lamp base Onia can be controlled also manually at any time.

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